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A few things we have been talking about.


Content vs. Brand Journalism

A quality-over-quantity death match.

Content Creation is something we do here, but we've come to be less than thrilled with what "content" has come to mean in the world of marketing, inbound or otherwise. So, we came up with something better.


Atlanta Webflow Users Group

Talking Shop with the Local Web Product Community

A night talking shop and sharing our approach to designing in the browser with the Atlanta web community. We had the good fortune of having some of the members of the Webflow team to join us remotely to help debut Interactions 2.0.


A Response to Responsive Design

The web is evolving, the way we design should evolve too.

After wrestling with how to best design for multiple viewports and then how to work along Agile development teams we took a step back and said... how can we improve our overall approach and even the tools. Webflow has been part of that answer.


Unopologetically Basic

And You Should Be Too.

Everyone loves the latest and greatest shinny digital tool or technology but more often than not, most companies are still struggling to get the basics right.


All the screens. All the time.

Or why we don't use print software to make responsive websites.

Over the past four years, Edgar Allan has worked to create a process that would scale for design teams, provide the detail needed for developers, and meet the velocity needs for Agile focused groups.


Nobody Goes to the Gallery to See the Frames

An argument for function over form in responsive web design.

Have you ever just wanted to get the website out of the way of what you are actually trying to read or search for? Yeah, we have too.


Great Products Have Great Stories

And other things we’ve learned about brand.

Yeah, yeah...everyone’s a storyteller these days. But more than just telling a story, we think of this approach as embodying a back-to-basics philosophy as story is the first communication method we encounter as humans and the way we come to know the world.